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Welcome to Red Cap Exterminating, your trusted and efficient bed bugs exterminators and pest control professionals in NYC! Our expert exterminating services are readily available for residents and businesses in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, NYC. Don’t spend another day dealing with nasty bed bugs or agonizing over pest control issues in your NYC home, office, or business establishment. With our expert bed bugs and pest control services, we promise to totally eliminate your bed bugs, mice, and other pest issues TODAY!

Experienced NYC Exterminators serving Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens!

One can never tell what creatures lurk in the deep recesses of every nook and cranny of a home or a place of work in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, NYC. Your property could already be infested by horrible bed bugs, mice, and other pests. Thus, no one can tell how safe a house or office is from bed bugs, rodents or any kind of pest infestation for that matter.

Bed bugs often infest dilapidated houses and these houses are the hardest environments to control for exterminators because they are old and often poorly maintained. However, new homes and buildings also have bed bugs, fleas, rats, or other pests. This is often related to the increase of travel among people may bring infested luggage to other locations. In this situation, you can’t control how bed bugs and other destructive insects get from one place to another. That’s why no house or building in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, NYC is exempted from having pest control issues.

Just when you thought there was no solving your bed bugs problem or getting around unwanted pests, along comes Red Cap Exterminating Co. Inc. to render pest control/exterminator services and pest management services in all of Bronx, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, NYC. Our experienced exterminators are all well trained and certified and know how to effectively control bed bugs, rats, rodents, mice, roaches, ants, hornets, ticks and water bugs etc. Our pest control services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx, NYC are all done using safe and proven methods. Our exterminators work very hard to rid your surroundings of pests with low environmental impact and health risks. You and your family can comfortably enjoy your apartment, home, workplace because your pest control problems are in the hands of the best exterminators in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, NYC!

Why You Need Professional Exterminators for Pest Control Services

Pests carry with them billions of bacteria as they go about your house or office and you can never be sure what diseases or infections lie in wait. That’s why you need to control them even before they spread and ruin your property. It is recommended to have regular inspections from Red Cap Exterminating Co. Inc. We readily serve the areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx, NYC and our services and products are all in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency standards. Our professional exterminators handle most types of problems such as rodents, bed bugs, or roaches. No pests will be spared from Red Cap Exterminating Co. Inc.’s trademark pest control services in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Our professional exterminators are available for Monthly/Bi-monthly Services and Emergency Services inclusive of warranty. We also provide contractual agreements for all agreed services in Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx, NYC.

Please don’t hesitate to call us when you need reliable and expert exterminating service. We guarantee customer satisfaction and elimination of all types of pests in your home, office, or business establishment.

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