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bed bug pest control service queens

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We handle all pest problems specializing in difficult infestations:
Ants Fleas Rats Ticks
Bees Hornets Roaches Water Bugs
Bedbug Mice Rodents  

One of our highly trained service technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to determine the appropriate method in handling pest related issues. The technician will inform the property manager/ owner of the findings and discuss the importance of an Integrated Pest Management program (“IPM”). I.P.M. is an approach to pest management, which limits the use of chemical pesticides. By educating the client of sanitation habits and practices, we will work together to reduce or totally eliminate pest problems.

Redcap Exterminating Co., Inc. is committed to the use of environmentally safe products, in accordance with Environmental
Protection Agency standards.
- Emergency Service - We Warranty all Service
- Fast Results - Monthly/Bi-monthly Services
- Competitive Rates - Licensed Technicians

Contractual agreements are provided for all agreed services.

Seasonal Pest Control Service for homeowners. Outside perimeter barrier treatment to protect your home from unwanted pest.